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Quality Assurance Assessment

Quality Assurance Assessments

Our Quality Assurance service is designed to give you an accurate insight to how efficient your website is and how well it is working for you based on:

  • Usability – How quickly one can navigate your website to find the information, products and /or services you offer to your customers
  • Visibility – Overall look of your site and how engaging it is for your customers enticing them to stay on your site instead of trying a competitor
  • Accessibility – User friendliness for people with disabilities

In other words, your site health.

Poor site health also affects SEO and SEM strategies.

On a website you have 2 areas that affect it’s health:

  1. External – What you actually see when you visit the site and
  2. Back end – All the operations of computer code that controls how and what you see when you visit the site.

Just like your staff, if your website’s health is not well it does not perform at it’s best.

Our service provides you with a full report and recommendations to resolve along with a quote to implement the recommendations.

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  • UI / UX Audit
  • Action Plan - All our website testing and assessments come with an action plan so you don't feel lost! Our team of website designers will provide you with the next steps on improving your website.
  • Content Checks
  • Graphic Assessment - Did you know you have to compress graphics? Not many people do! This could be a major reason why your website is responding slowly.
  • Site Health - Our team will scan your website and test the speed, content & links on your website. Our team will also give your website a rating out of 10 and compare your websites health to your competitors.
Website Quality Assurance Assessment and Website design at NeedTech

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