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Repairs & Services

Repairs & Services

NeedTech Provides the best Brisbane Computer Repairs! And there is a reason for it. Accidents happen, trust us when we say we’ve heard it all. But regardless of the cause, our team of dedicated tech specialists can identify and resolve all your tech issues. With our computer repair services ranging from data recovery to hardware repairs, you can put your trust in our experience to get your device running at peak performance.

When we diagnose an issue, we are looking for the most cost-effective solutions specific to your needs, not the opportunity to upsell something you don’t need.

As we are solution focused, once we identify the issue we give you the options you need to make an educated choice on how to proceed without the concern of being upsold to something that you don’t need.

Computer Tech Support Services

  • PC Repairs
  • Diagnosis of Laptops, All-In-Ones and Desktop computers
  • Repair & replacement
  • On-Site Callouts (Call Out Fee $175 inc GST includes 1st 30 minutes – $85 p/h after)
  • Residential & Business on-site consultations, repairs, delivery & setup
  • Software Diagnosis & Repair
  • Hardware Diagnosis & Repair
    • Email Diagnosis, repair & setup
    • Printer Diagnosis, repair & setup

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