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Branding Packages Our branding packages are so much more than just a logo. What is Branding? Branding is how your customers will recognise and remember you. Having effective and eye-catching branding elements such as typefaces, colours, logos etc can help you stand out from the crowd. Branding is a complete look that transfers across your … Continue reading Branding Packages
Website Maintenance Ongoing website maintenance is the key to keeping your website up to date, safe and secure from potential threats such as spam and hackers. By maintaining your website to a high-quality standard, you can dramatically reduce the occurrence of interruptions to your site, therefore making it safe and easily accessible to your customers. … Continue reading Website Maintenance
Anti-Virus What is Antivirus? Antivirus is a program that we use on our phones or computers to scan, detect, and delete any malicious viruses from our devices. You may have heard of some well-known virus protection including McAfee, Kaspersky & Norton Security. In the current era of technology, protecting your home systems is an absolute … Continue reading Antivirus
Endpoint Security We can deliver managed endpoint security for all your business’s devices. In the current era of technology and what it is evolving to be it is an absolute must. Our endpoint security can range from generalized protection to managed and tracked protection specifically targeting and fighting certain attacks and weaknesses. Protect Your Business … Continue reading Endpoint Security
Hosting & Emails Our dedicated and managed servers allow for your business to boast its own domain name and separate yourself from the rest. We can host both your website and emails in-house with qualified staff and redundancies in place for hardware changes, upgrades, and outages. Thus, giving you a seamless service. Host Your Website … Continue reading Hosting & Emails
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