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Rays Canvas & Marine

Rays Canvas & Marine Logo Design by NeedTech

Ray’s Canvas and Marine is owned and operated by Ray and Karren Wessels. Ray’s Canvas and Marine has been in business for 11 years. Ray himself have been in the industry for over 30 years. Taking tremendous pride in all the work that leaves the workshop and is an honest no bullshit type of business. Ray does all sorts of manufacturing of canvas goods and does many types of repairs. Ray specializes in boats and boating fit outs.

Ray may know his way around a boat, but a website is a different story. Ray enlisted the help of NeedTech to create his website & complete a brand refresh. NeedTech created a new logo to represent the brand featuring a pop colour of yellow. The brands colours can then be seen throughout the whole website. The websites main priority was to have clear content and be easy to navigate. NeedTech achieved this by sectioning content into blocks and using the brands key colours (Yellow) as action & attention points.

See the Website in Action! 

Rays Canvas & Marine Caboolture Web Design by NeedTech
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