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What is content and why is it important?

Top Content Writing Tips with NeedTech

Elevating Search Rankings with Content

This is a great overview for those of you who are new to SEO and those who already understand it. Regardless, quite a few of you who at least have an interest in growing your brand or ranking online, have heard the term “Content is King”. Before you go jumping into Content Writing, let’s get an idea of what “Content” actually is. Content refers to the different types of information that is displayed on your website. Popular to contrary belief, content isn’t exclusively text. Content can be any of the below,

Blogs and news posts

Articles, guides & how-to manuals

Graphics & Infographics

Products and services

Why do we use the term “Content is king”?

In the past decades, content was created solely to take advantage and manipulate search engines and their algorithms. Which as you’ve probably guessed, that as a user it could mean the link you googled is not relevant to what you wanted to find.  The days of jampacking websites with hidden keywords or overly repeated keywords are over. In fact, search engines algorithms are that advanced now that if you are caught out using these old processes, your website will move DOWN the rankings and be punished in a way. Today “content is king” and this means creating inviting, unique and useful information, targeting real people that is on topic. The search engine, the world and you want to see relevancy between what they have just “Googled” and the link you have led them to.

How do we create content?

Lets think, the content is for the end user, that’s where we start. Creating a relevant piece of content designed to engage and be consumed by our end user. This doesn’t mean SEO should be forgotten about, it’s quite the opposite. Trending keywords with strategic placement throughout the entirety of your content is crucial.

By content writing and creation for the user first, before SEO, you will achieve positive search ranking and provide content that people will find worth while sharing and also start your backlinking process knocking off 2 birds with 1 stone.

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